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N. G. Patel

N. G. Patel

The Institution is indebted to the Bhakta Family for their immense contributions for establishment and growth of the Institution. "Gopal Vidyanagar" is a creation in the memory and academic utopia of Late Shri Gopalbhai Bhakta. We also express our gratitude to immortal souls of his wife Maliba, and his son late Shri Ramanbhai and Shri Chaganbhai. We are also indebted to Shri Bhaktibhai, Shri Chotubhai, Shri Naranbhai and other members of the family for their selfless efforts towards the growth of the Institution.

Hereby, we would like to depict few of many facts of laurels of the family.


Late Shri Gopalbhai Bhakta, lovingly addressed as "Gopaldada" belonged to the village of Malekpur of Plasana Taluka. He was modest in his approach and never inflicted ideas upon others. His wife, Maliba was a religious minded lady with a lot of affection for children and a great source of strength for Gopaldada. Both Gopalbhai and Maliba enjoyed an ideal and austere life even amidst poverty in the early phase.

Palsana Taluka was under Gaikwad Raj pre-independence and burden of tax levied on subjects had made the family migrate to Mahuva - their earlier abode. The family had its agricultural land at Mahuva and also at Ghata in Vyara Taluka. Here they fought amidst keen arrows and won the battle against poverty and deprivity. Shri Chhotubhai, Shri Chhaganbhai, Shri Ramanbhai and Shri Naranbhai backed their parents in singing hymns of mother earth. Unfortunately, Maliba passed away at an early age, leaving the burden of family and farming on Gopalbhai's supported by his elder daughter late Smt. Godavariben Bhaktibhai Desai. After the marriage of Godaveriben, his two other daughters Smt.Jamnaben Dahyabhai Bhakta and Smt.Kantaben Nathuram Bhakta along with their sisters-in-law took care of the family.

N. G. Patel

Meanwhile, the brothers decided to forge their fate fabulously on the foreign fields. In spite of the prosperity of his sons Gopalbhai never left his touch with farming and manual labor on the farm. He was like always - a simple and down to earth man.

All his daughter-in laws - Smt.Valiben Chhotubhai, Smt.Arunaben Chhaganbhai, Smt.Pushpaben Ramanbhai, Smt.Savitriben Naranbhai and late Smt.Dhudhiben Bhaktibhai Bhakta proved to be human assets ; taking the family ahead and striving for coherence and harmony, which was essential for prosperity in the later phase.

Lakhabhai Haribhai Bhakta was the elder brother of Gopalbhai. His entire family including children, grand children and great grand children were settled in America and running their business very successfully.


N. G. Patel

15th August 1947 the Independence Day of India, proved to be a gate-opener for the Bhakta family. Shri Chhotubhai flew to West South Africa. He had a sojourn of two months in South Africa and then moved to Ghana to become the first Gujarati trader of Ghana. He made his abode in a small town in Ashanti Region.

In 1952, Shri Chhaganbhai joined Shri Chotubhai started trading at Kumasi - a commercial city of Ghana, the capital of Ashanti Region. On their migration being fruitful and rewarding they invited Shri Ramanbhai and Shri Naranbhai to join.

All the four brothers powered their strength and vigor to develop their business. Exploring opportunities the brothers moved to Accra, the capital of Ghana; and traded in imitation jewelry, watches, shoes, textile materials-garments and scores of other items. They rose to the top of the import of imitation jewelry in Ghana.

Thereafter, they ventured in to production. In 1957, they launched a shoe factory, on a small scale, the first of its kind in Ghana, and inaugurated by the then; minister of Ghana. In the incipient stage, PVC shoes were manufactured and later leather shoes were added.

In 1962 and 1963, they established their business in Zambia and Sierra Leone. In 1964, Shri Chhaganbhai decided to move to Nigeria for exploring new ventures. Shri Ramanbhai and Shri Naranbhai also shifted to Nigeria to strengthen the group.

Further, they diversified in to polyethylene bags and garments. Moving from trading in imitation jewelry, they started its production with silver and gold electroplating. Then they ventured to set their foot in the African houses, by providing them elegant finish to their floors - manufacturing of PVC floor tiles.

The ventures kept adding - Soft Drinks, Real Gold Jewelry, Industrial Plastic Containers, Agricultural Products, Pharmaceuticals (The largest company in Ghana).

Socio-Political Recognition:

N. G. Patel

The success of business earned the family socio - political recognition in Africa. Not only the Indians or Asians in South Africa recognized their stature, but the African Government also gave the family due respect and prestige. Accordingly, the Ghanaian Government appointed Shri Ramanbhai and Shri Naranbhai as the members of the National Trust Fund. Shri Ramanbhai had involved himself in Ghanaian society with his widespread community work.

Shri Ramanbhai expired in 1995. The Ghanaian Parliament paid him befitting homage by observing two minutes silence. A presidential delegation paid a visit to the Bhakta family at Ghana. The media reacted to the demise of the social worker.


At present, the Bhakta family is engaged in the manufacture of following products at their factory in Nigeria:

  • Polypropylene Woven Sacks
  • PVC Compound for shoes
  • Soles and Electrical Cables
  • Hair Thread
  • PP Straws.

Over the years they were also in manufacturing of Leather shoes, PVC Shoes and soles, Ball point pens, Polyethylene bags, PVC pipes, Roto Moulded Tanks to store water, Composite Textile Units with spinning and weaving, rubber products, household ware, water drilling etc. At the peak of their operations, the group known as "METRO GROUP OF COMPANIES" provided direct employment to over 1000 workers and over 10,000 people in related industries in Nigeria.

N. G. Patel

In Ghana the business group led by Shri Harenbhai, the son of Shri Ramanbhai is known as "LETAP GROUP". The products manufactured by the Group in Ghana include Pharmaceuticals, Plastic articles for household and industrial use, PET bottles, Packaging etc. The family's hard work and diligence have paid them off with tremendous prosperity - a vision that has come true with hard work.


The Bhakta family, though established well in Africa, has not found satisfaction with their business success and social climbing. It is not easy to earn money, true, but it is still more difficult to spare the hard-earned money for philanthropic activities. Shri Naranbhai is a famous figure as a benefactor in Nigeria. His social services are multifarious and multidimensional which include:

  • Assistance to the Home of Motherless Babies
  • Assistance to the staff for child care and education
  • Supplying Sunday meals to the school for mentally retarded children.
  • Assistance to rehabilitate the Ilupeju Grammar School and undertaking responsibilities of the school for the next 5 years.
  • Numerous contributions to various Nigerian organizations through social organization within Indian community.
  • Enormous unrevealed contributions and donations to individuals and institutions in Gujarat, India and South Africa.
  • Assistance to SOS - Save Our Soul village.
  • Running G. H. Bhakta Foundation for charity to uplift their native people in Gujarat through various activities- educational, medical, economic and others

Shri Naranbhai extends his services as -

  • Trustee of the Indian Language School.
  • Trustee of the Hindu Mandir Foundation.
  • Patron of the Indian Professional Forum.
  • President of Mahatma Gandhi Gujarat Cultural & Social Association, Lagos.

The Institution is indebted for all their contributions today and forever.

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