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Bardoli Pradesh Kelavani Mandal
Maliba Campus
Gopal Vidyanagar,
Bardoli Mahuva Road, TARSADI
Dist: Surat - 394 350,
Gujarat (INDIA)


Governing Committees

Visionary legacy

Kelavani Mandal has achieved the stupendous growth in last 50 years due to a rich and dynamic leadership provided by its former presidents and their teams.

Shri Kalyanji Kahanji Patel

Shri Kalyanji Kanjibhai Patel, fondly called Kalyanjidada, was the founder chairman of the trust, Bardoli Pradesh Kelavani Mandal and a key initiator of higher education in the belt of Bardoli.

He was born on 18th March, 1905 and did his schooling from Bharda High School in Fort Bombay. Few years later he left for Uganda in 1928-29. Soon, he returned to India to join the movement of freedom led by Gandhiji. He had spent about six months in prison fighting for the nation. Thereafter he again left for Uganda to join the British Petroleum Company in Kisumu, Uganda. In 1932-33, his wife Smt. Mithiben and son, Shri Rambhai joined him. After some period Shri Kalyanjibahi returned to India and left for Bombay (now Mumbai). Here he joined M/s. Patel & Company and remained active for more than twenty years. He was an astute businessman and a social leader of repute. He had large business establishment in Mumbai and Surat. Thereafter he spent a short span at Vanakaner and became the President of the newly formed, Bardoli Pradesh Kelavani Mandal.

As the founder president of BPKM, he took active part in establishment of the Arts, Science and Commerce Colleges and remained the President of BPKM till 1981. His soul became immortal on the 9th of July 1983. The Campus has been given the new name "Kalyanji Education Academy" as a humble attempt to honour his pioneering contributions.

He was President during 07/02/60 to 31/08/81.

Shri Ishvarbahi Patel

Shri Ishvarbahi Patel serves as president of the trust for three years. He was the Chairman of Bardoli Sugar and associated with many social organisation of this area

He was President during 31/08/87 to 05/08/90.

Shri Bhimbhai Desail

Shri Bhimbhai Desai was the first secretory of the trust. He was leading educationnist and played crucial role in the sociol education growth of Bardoli region.

He was Secretary during 07/02/60 to 12/06/72.

Shri Bhagvati Parekh

Shri Bhagvati Parekh is freedom fighter and was the promter of BPKM. He has put his great effort for the establishment of Gopal Vidyanagar.

Shri Lallubhai Haribhai Patel

Shri Lallubhai Haribhai Patel served as president of the trust for three years.

He was President during 06/08/90 to 18/07/93.

Shri Chhotubhai Ramabhai Patel

Shri Chhotubhai Ramabhai Patel was the president during 07/09/87 to 30/08/87. He was also Secretary during 05/08/72 to 06/09/81.

Shri Bhulabhai Ramabhai Patel

Shri Bhulabhai Ramabhai Patel was associated as Secretary with Kelavani Mandal since its birth. He expanded the horizons of Kelavani Mandal to initialize it as a truly global organization.

Unique Management Team

Unique Management Team

There are some unique characteristics about the Management people - the office-bearers and trustees - who are at the helm of the affairs of Kelavani Mandal. They are all honorary volunteers working selflessly to develop Kelavani Mandal. All of them are donors by themselves believing in the dictum of 'Charity begins at Home'. Most of them have their immediate and extended families settled abroad and still they live in India to serve country and community.


Trust Committee

Shri Dilip Bhakta

Shri Dilipbhai Bhikhabhai Bhakta is Trustee Chairman

Shri Mohanbhai Noratambhai

Shri Mohanbhai Noratambhai Patel is Trustee Secretary

Shri Ramesh Somabhai Patel

Shri Rameshbhai Somabhai Patel is Member

Shri Naranjibhai Gopaljibhai Bhakt

Shri Naranjibhai Gopaljibhai Bhakt is Member

Shri B. U. Patel

Shri B. U. Patel is Member

Shri Bhulabhai Vanmalibhai Patel

Shri Bhulabhai Vanmalibhai Patel is Member

Shri Shaileshbhai Ramabhai Patel

Shri Shaileshbhai Ramabhai Patel is Member

Shri Patel Ramanbahi Sukhabhai

Shri Ramanbahi Sukhabhai Patel is Member

Jigneshbhai Kantilal Patel

Shri Jigneshbhai Kantilal Patel is Member

Kiranbhai Dahyabhai Patel

Shri Kiranbhai Dahyabhai Patel is Member

Jayantibhai Natvarbhai Patel

Shri Jayantibhai Natvarbhai Patel is Member


Executive Committee

Shri Bhagubhai Rambhai Patel

Shri Bhagubhai Rambhai Patel is a President

Shri Bhikhubhai Zaverbhai Patel

Shri Bhikhubhai Zaverbhai Patel is a Vice President

Shri Kiritbhai Narnjibhai Patel

Shri Kiritbhai Narnjibhai Patel is a Secretary

Shri Arvindbhai Bhagwanji Patel

Shri Arvindbhai Bhagwanji Patel is Dy. Secretary

Shri Dilipbhai Bhikhabhai Bhakta

Shri Dilipbhai Bhikhabhai Bhakta is Trust Member

Shri Maganbhai Ranchhodbhai Patel

Shri Maganbhai Ranchhodbhai Patel is Member

Shri Ishwarbhai Kalidas Hazari

Shri Ishwarbhai Kalidas Hazari is Member

Shri Nalinbhai C. Vyas

Shri Nalinchandra Chandramanishankar Vyas is Member

Shri Ishwarbhai Parbhubhai Patel

Shri Ishwarbhai Parbhubhai Patel is Member

Shri Pramodbhai Ramanbhai Patel

Shri Pramodbhai Ramanbhai Patel is Member

Shri Tusharbhai Bhikhubhai Patel

Shri Tusharbhai Bhikhubhai Patel is Member

Shri Sureshbhai Jagubhai Patel

Shri Sureshbhai Jagubhai Patel is Member

Shri Keshavbhai Nagarbhai Patel

Shri Keshavbhai Nagarbhai Patel is Member

Shri Dhirubhai Somabhai Patel

Shri Dhirubhai Somabhai Patel is Member

Shri Natvarbhai Nathubhai Patel

Shri Natvarbhai Nathubhai Patel is Member

Shri Rambhai Thakorbhai Patel

Shri Rambhai Thakorbhai Patel

Shri Shaileshbhai Bhikhabhai Patel

Shri Shaileshbhai Bhikhabhai Patel is Member

Shri Dilipbhai Dayarambhai Patel

Shri Dilipbhai Dayarambhai Patel is Member

Shri Mayurbhai Kiritbhai Patel

Shri Mayurbhai Kiritbhai Patel is Member

Dr Dinesh R. Shah

Dr Dinesh R. Shah is Campus Director

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