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B. V. Patel

B. V. Patel

Shri Bhulabhai Vanmalibhai Patel, fondly called "Bhuladada" is a legendary figure and a source of inspiration for the Institution. He is a committed disciple of Shrimad Rajchandra and is known for his discipline, righteousness and contributions to the society. He wishes to inculcate and imbibe the crux of teaching of Shrimad in the heart and mind of youth of the Country. We are honoured to share a few facts about our mentor.


On 14 June 1920, Smt. Jamnaben Mali and Shri Vanmali Dayabhai Patel were blessed with son, Shri Bhulabhai. He was the third sibling having three elder brothers and two younger sisters. On his birth no one knew that he would serve as a stone in the foundation of the society. Shri Bhulabahi went for formal education to a school at the age of seven. Right from his childhood, spirituality and religiousness had great influence on his life. As a student he was studious, intelligent and a very judicious spender. He went to the schools at his own village of Aastha and then at Orna. He also studied at school in the town of Gangadhara . He completed his matriculation from the Sarvajanik School at Nanpura, Surat.


B. V. Patel

During the period of independence of India, Shri Bhulabhai was a recognized by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel as a representative of the Patels in Bardoli. He was well known as a representative for this sturdy figure, stamina, sharp intelligence and personality.

After his matriculations he started working as a teacher in the school of village, Ena. He worked there for six months at a salary of twenty rupees per month. But destiny had more in store. Shri Bhulabhai was impressed and influenced by one of his relatives - Madhavdada. Madhavdada was the first person to leave the village for America in the year of 1922 to try his fortune. In order to learn the tricks of the trade and get experience, Shri Bhulabhai left the job, for working in cloth stores located at Bangalore and Madras (now, Chennai). After working for around ten months he returned to his own village of Aastha and started trading as a cloth merchant till 1948.

His inclination towards spirituality and religion was equally keen as for business. During this period he was influenced by Shrimad Rajchandra Bhamachari, also, the Guru of Gandhiji. He became his disciple.

B. V. Patel

During the same period he tied the knot of marriage with Smt. Maniben, a pious lady who valued traditions. In 1944, they were blessed with a son, Shri Ramanbhai. Due to his prior influence and intention to go abroad, Shri Bhulabhai and few of his friends planned further. In 1949, Shri Bhulabahi was the first of the group to leave for US to find an opportunity. At the time of his departure he had unknowingly determined to return to motherland after ten years of fortune building abroad. In the US he worked hard from trading in grocery to working in hotel. Being a strict vegetarian and a teetotaller, it was becoming difficult for him to keep up with the traditions of the trade in US. He decided to lay the foundation of his own business and started his own hotel in 1960 with a capital of $1.5lac.


Shri Bhulabhai recalls the days when he did not have much money and was inspired by a board displaying the deed of a donor. He had felt the immense desire to possess the ability to donate for a cause. One of the reasons, he continued to pursue in the hospitality industry - to earn more so that he could fulfil his desire to donate more. His legendary figure is not only a mentor and pathfinder to his family, society and the country but also a great source of inspiration.

B. V. Patel

Bardoli is very well known for having generations of families associated with relocating abroad for trying their fortune. Since few decades the NRIs have shown their inclination to donate their earnings for benefit of their society by contributing to social and religious causes. These contributions, in major cases, have remained limited to their respective villages and in a comparatively small scale. Shri Bhulabahi could also have limited his contribution to his village. But he extended his philanthropy beyond limits of his birth place, Aastha. He has extended his services to Bardoli, Navsari and Surat. The society at large, benefitted from his activities irrespective of their social strata, community, cluster or religion.

His visits to US are frequent, but his soul belongs to India. He says India is incomparable for its traditions, culture, values, a society that is bind in the silken thread of relations, and respect for relations. He admires US for its discipline, cleanliness, commitment, industriousness and honesty. He propagates that the generation should inculcate the good attributes of western culture for progress and prosperity. He shows his concern for the prevalent corruption and dishonesty that is crippling the societal growth.

B. V. Patel

He has passed on his values to his family. His grandson, who was an officer at the Asian American Hotel Owners Association, is a teetotaller and also works for the societal wellbeing. Shri Bhulabhai has related wealth to "moksh" - liberation of the soul, by exercising philanthropy. Even at the age of 86 he exercises strict discipline and routine of prayers, yoga, reading, and social activities. In spite of prosperity he lives a simple life.


His philanthropy is beyond donations. He has also promoted his experience and learning with respect to use of modern equipments and technology in the institutes promoted by him which include -

  • Shrimad Rajchandra Institute of Management and Computer Application
  • Bhulabhai Vanmali Patel Institute of Business Management, Computer and IT
  • Shrimad Rajchandra Scool of Sports
  • Bhulabhai Patel Sports Complex
  • Two Engineering Colleges
  • Two Girls High School

He has also extended his contribution further by the following -

  • Setting up Health Centre at Aastha village. Constructing water tank for water works, road and temple for the people.
  • Providing considerable donations to the schools at Orna and Shihu Mandir at Bardoli
  • Establishing Shrimad Rajchandra Temple at Aagaas village, near Anand

He appeals the younger generation to inculcate values and culture along with modern outlook towards life, there by promoting value based education and holistic approach.

We are indebted to him for his contributions.

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