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B. U. Patel

B. U. Patel

The Management is grateful to Shri Bhikhubhai Ukabhai Patel for his generous and selfless contributions towards the existence and growth of the Maliba Campus. Shri BU is founder and vice-chairman of Newport Beach-based Tarsadia Hotels and patriarch of an 80-member extended family. We feel honored to be able to share a few facts about BU's amazing journey from the small village to his innumerable accomplishments of the present.

Family B. U. Patel son
B. U. Patel with his sons Tushar and Mike (from right) Son Mike


BU was born in the town of Singod, a small Indian village located 10 miles from Tarsadia. The village was very primitive with few homes, mud roads and little technology. Inspired by the prosperity of his relatives who had relocated to other parts of the world, BU dreamed of leaving Gujarat from a very early age.


B. U. Patel

After graduating from the University of Baroda with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, BU was given the opportunity to join his relatives in Zambia, then known as Northern Rhodesia. At the time, Zambia had a booming economy that fueled an entrepreneurial spirit. Industrious in nature and willing to do whatever necessary to succeed, BU started driving a 10-ton truck and managing a stone quarry. To move forward BU knew he would have to work harder and smarter.

Seeing the success his relatives experienced in the import/export business, BU decided to switch jobs. He purchased a small apparel retail store and he and his young family, wife Pushpa and three children Mayur, Tushar and Maya, lived in a single room behind the store with space to sleep and only a small kitchenette. Through smart decisions and extremely hard work BU was able to grow his retail business to include a clothing manufacturing facility and by 1970 he employed about 200 people.

B. U. Patel

But the welcome mat for Indians in Africa was wearing out. Up to 80,000 Indians and Pakistanis were expelled out of Uganda. Things weren't as drastic in Zambia; but concerned for his family's safety, BU decided to leave Zambia and his prosperous business and relocate to Irvine, California.

This time BU decided to venture into hospitality. In 1976 he purchased a small 12 room property called the Dunes Motel near Disneyland in Anaheim. From this very humble beginning, BU and his family were able to grow his business into one of the most successful privately-owned hotel management companies in the United States.

B. U. Patel
B. U. Patel
B. U. Patel


B. U. Patel

Today, Tarsadia Hotels represents a portfolio of hotels including flagship properties such as the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego and the San Mateo Marriott. As BU has transitioned his efforts within the last several years into philanthropy and community service, his sons Mayur and Tushar have carried on the business. In summary of his adventurous and very successful life, BU says, "Dream big and you'll make it every time."


B. U. Patel

BU is a leading role model in the South Asian community and is dedicated to helping the less fortunate both at home and abroad as well as assisting his fellow businessmen succeed. In addition to his involvement at BPKM, the following is a small sampling of his philanthropic efforts:

  • Founder of Tarsadia Foundation, an organization actively involved in improving lives through health and human service, education and economic empowerment.
  • Founding father of Sanatan Dharma Temple, a community cultural center located in the heart of Little India in Los Angeles County. Sanatan Dharma Temple is a community center that offers free medical screenings, educational classes and provides the Southern California South Asian community with a meeting place to celebrate and further their culture.
  • As a key initiating member and one of the first board members, BU helped build the Asian American Hotel Owners Association, a 10,000 plus member organization dedicated to the Asian members of the hospitality industry.
  • Trustee of the American Indian Foundation, an organization focused on furthering the social and economic prosperity in India.
  • Advisory member of several charitable organizations in India and the United States.
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