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Bardoli Pradesh Kelavani Mandal
Maliba Campus
Gopal Vidyanagar,
Bardoli Mahuva Road, TARSADI
Dist: Surat - 394 350,
Gujarat (INDIA)


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Bardoli enjoys an important place in the Indian history and has had rare distinction of nurturing many pioneers in various fields like agriculture, industry, etc. One of them is Higher Education. Bardoli Pradesh Kelavani Mandal is a group of devoted veterans in the field of education. It was established in 1960 with objective of imparting higher education in the so called tribal and rural areas surrounding Bardoli.

During the last four decades, Bardoli Pradesh Kelvani Mandal has proved its merit by running many under graduate and post-graduate courses in Arts, Science, Commerce, Management, Information Technology, Pharmacy and Biotechnology disciplines.

Sardar Vallabhai Patel

The Bardoli satyagraha took place in Gujarat and it was lead by Vallabhai Patel. This satyagraha was done against the tyranny of British people. The British people had done many disobedient acts like hurting the poor farmers, capturing lands and appointing people to hurt the people etc. Gandhi had decided to do the satyagraha in 1928 to stop this evil acts. Patel had gathered all the Muslims and Hindus in Bardoli and performed non violence satyagraha by doing a revolt against British. And at last the farmers lands were released on 6-8-1928. They had released the prisoners and they had reduced the land captures. Gandhi had appreciated Patel and gave the title as Sardar to him. From then onwards Vallabhai Patel was called as Sardar Vallabhai Patel.


BARDOLI: The Land of Sardar Patel

Bardoli has acquired an important place in the history of India. Bardoli is located at a distance of 34 kilometer from the city of Surat in Gujarat. Tourists and followers of Gandhiji visit this place often.

Bardoli is considered to be one of the tourist attractions in Surat. The place has immense importance to the historians as well. In 1921 to 22, Gandhiji, addressed and respected as the Father of the nation had launched a protest movement against various policies initiated by the British Government.

In Indian history this protest movement by Gandhiji is known as Bardoli Satyagraha. This was a movement of the local farmers of Bardoli in Gujarat. The peasant movement was led by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Sardar Vallabhai Patel

Sardar's ideals of strong character, patriotism, value-based education and dynamic social change have been inspiration to many social, economical and educational organizations in this region.

Sugar factory which brought in 'Sweet' revolution in India and made India the largest sugar producer of the Asia was cradled in this region under visionary guidance of Naranbhai Lalabhai Patel, Gopalbhai Ranchhod Patel exemplary efforts by Dr. Dayaram Patel and other leaders of Bardoli Pradesh.

Bardoli Education Campus which brought in global reputation to Gujarat education as far back in 1960s was also cradled in Bardoli by illustrious and dynamic Kalyanbhai Kahnjibhai Patel and Bhulabhai Rama Patel.

Many other such known and unknown diamonds have been churned out from Bardoli to have invaluably contributed for betterment of society.



Kelavani Mandal has achieved the stupendous growth in last 50 years due to a rich and dynamic leadership provided by its former presidents and their teams.

Shri Kalyanji Kahanji Patel was the founding President of Kelavani Mandal. He was an astute businessman and a social leader of repute. He had large business establishment in Mumbai and Surat. Kalyankaka, as he was fondly called, through his pragmatic approach, gave very strong foundation and social standing to the fledgling Kelavani Mandal.

Shri Bhulabhai Ramabhai Patel was associated as Secretory with Kelavani Mandal since its birth. He expanded the horizons of Kelavani Mandal to initialize it as a truly global organization.


  • Shri Kalyanji Kahanji Patel

    Shri Kalyanji Kahanji Patel

    07/02/60 to 31/08/81
  • Shri Chhotubhai Rambhai Patel

    Shri Chhotubhai Rambhai Patel

    01/09/81 to 30/08/87
  • Shri Ishwar Narotam Patel

    Shri Ishwar Narotam Patel

    31/08/87 to 05/08/90
  • Shri Lallubhai Haribhai Patel

    Shri Lallubhai Haribhai Patel

    06/08/90 to 18/07/93
  • Shri Bhagubhai Rambhai Patel

    Shri Bhagubhai Rambhai Patel

    19/07/93 to continue


  • Shri Bhimbhai Morarji Desai

    Shri Bhimbhai Morarji Desai

    07/02/60 to 12/06/72
  • Shri Chhotubhai Rambhai Patel

    Shri Chhotubhai Rambhai Patel

    05/08/72 to 06/09/81
  • Shri Kiritbhai Naranji Patel

    Shri Kiritbhai Naranji Patel

    07/09/81 to continue

Joint - Secretary

  • Shri Bhulabhai Rambhai Patel

    Shri Bhulabhai Rambhai Patel

    07/02/60 to 06/09/81
  • Shri Durllabhbhai Parbhubhai Patel

    Shri Durllabhbhai Parbhubhai Patel

    07/09/81 to 23/08/90
  • Dr. Maganbhai Lallubhai Patel

    Dr. Maganbhai Lallubhai Patel

    24/08/90 to 24/07/93
  • Shri Aravindbhai Bhagavanjibhai Patel

    Shri Aravindbhai Bhagwanjibhai Patel

    25/07/93 to continue

Constitute Body

Promoters and Their Background

Bardoli Pradesh Kelavani Mandal is a membership trust open to membership as per stipulations of its constitution. It has been duly registered under Mumbai Public Trust Act. It has a three tier management structure as under:

General Body :

It comprises of primary members who have become members of Trust by paying requisite membership fees as per stipulations of its constitution. General body elects 20 Executive members, Trustees and Internal Auditor.

There are three Committee for the administration of the Mandal. They are as

  • Trust Committee.
  • Managing Committee.
  • Executive Committee.

Trust Committee :

The Mandal elects 11 Trustees in the General Meeting in accordance with the rules and regulations there of, mentioned below.

These Trustees hold their positions for 6 years. If a representative of any institution loses his representation in his institution, he automatically ceases to be a representative of the Trust Committee.

(1) those who have donated Rs.50, 000/- or more. 02
(2) From Patrons, Vice-Patrons, Donors and Life Members. 04
(3) From Institution. 02
(4) From Establishing Donors of the Trust
(a) Rep of Ms. Raman Brothers, Mumbai. 01
(b) Rep of The Patidar Ginning & Pressing Co. Ltd. 01
(c) Rep of The Khedut Sahkari Khand Udyog Mandali Ltd., Bardoli 01
Total 11

Besides this, if any person or institution donates Rs.10, 00,000/- or more and if the Trust Committee thinks it proper, that donor or representative of an institution is taken up in the Trust Committee. Such trustee enjoys their rights only till the existence of that donor or that institution.

The Managing Committee :

The members of the Managing committee are elected in the annual meeting of the Mandal in the manner stated below, and such elected members hold their office for a period of three years. If any vacancy arises, another person is appointed on that place by the managing committee through a resolution for the remaining period. The Managing committee is made up of more than 25 members having special rights. The general meeting holds such an election.

Members with special rights are:

From Patrons. 05
From Vice-Patrons. 05
From Donors. 05
From Life Members. 05
From Ordinary Members. 05
Total 25

Besides these there are maximum of 6 invited members the decision about which will be taken by the Managing Committee

Executive Committee :

President of the Managing Committee 01
Vice-President of the Managing Committee 01
Secretary of the Managing Committee 01
Joint Secretary of the Managing Committee 01
Elected members by the Managing Committee 07
Elected by the Trust Committee 01
Members co-opted by the Management Committee 04
Head of the Institutions 01

The Trustees are the overseers so that proceedings of Executive Committee are in the premises of Constitution of BPKM.

Office Bearers

The Executive members elect Office Bearers from amongst themselves. The Office Bearers are President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Joint Secretary. The Office Bearers form the core team which execute the decisions of executive body as well as give concrete shape to aspirations of General body.

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