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B. M. Patel

B. M. Patel

Shri Babubhai Morarbhai Patel, a native of Varad has earned considerable name and fame in Zambia after a lot of struggle in his life. He is nick named as BM in Zambia out of his reputation.

Born in Varad, Shri B. M. Patel attended school till Std. Fifth. In 1947 he left India for Daresalam, with eight other companions of surrounding area. There he studied for another two years and learnt a lot. In 1950, he moved to Zambia, to his maternal uncle's place. Here he was given the opportunity of independently taking business charge of a general store within nine days of his joining. In a very short span of time, in 1956, he owned his own business at Broken Hills, Kambay - a small town with residents from the mining fields. In 1970 he received business opportunity from the English people within the mining company.

B. M. Patel

Today, he owns petrol pumps, vegetable oil mills and distribution agencies for internet and tele-sim cards for his town.

His philanthropic gestures are reflected in his deeds. In 1963 he sheltered four Indian refugee families of Kenya. He helped them financially and otherwise. In the local community, he sponsors educational stationery to the kids of schools in his town, also provides free kafan to all. He has constructed and provided residential for all his employees, thereby reflecting unique way of repaying for their services.

He was indulged in farming for thirteen years and for the same he had purchased three huge agricultural fields of the size of nine by one and half miles. He is married to Kusamben. Their marriage took place in 1953, and has a son, Satish and two daughters, Nalini and Premila.

B. M. Patel

He had visited Maliba Campus in the year 2003 and had favoured to support the Library Information House. In 2004, he donated generous funds for Pharmaceutics Department of Maliba. Moreover in 2007, on his visit to Maliba with his daughter he extended his generosity again by funding for the Biotech Departments. In his words - "a good campus is recognized by the elegance of its entrance", and fulfilling the same with his deed he funded the entire construction of main gate of Maliba Campus. His contribution to Maliba is Rupees One Crore and we are grateful to him.

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